Vibrators for Quarry and mining, oil and gas SV

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Código: Vibradores eléctricos y neumáticos

The SV electric motovibrator works like any other foot mounted electric model, providing vibrations to the vibrating machine on which it is installed. Two parallel SV are needed to provide linear motion to the vibrating machine while just one is necessary to provide circular motion.
The SVs do not need any crossbeam to be installed because the body works as a crossbeam itself.
The SV size 75A and 75D are designed to retrofit existing vibrating machines using vibrating motors made by Derrick® Screen Vibrators. Thanks to its versatility, the SV range can also be used in a plenty of other applications:
Wet and dry solids separation (eg “Stack Sizer” by Derrick®)
 Screening (eg “High speed screens” by Derrick®)
Drilling fluids recovery systems (eg “Hyperpool” shale shakers by Derrick®)
OLI SV size 75A and 75D match both the Derrick®’s long vibrator footprints;
First class bearings;
Long bearing life;
Easy mass adjustment positions;
Greased for life, 100% maintenance free.

The centrifugal force is provided directly on the screen walls, improving screening efficiency and screening mesh life span.
On OLI’s SV it is possible to adjust the centrifugal force  using pre-drilled holes on the adjustable mass.
SV comes with a standard factory preset star connection for high voltage inside the terminal box.
OLI’s SV can also be operated at low voltage by simply changing the position of the connection plates inside the terminal box from Star to Delta.
SVs can be supplied on request with multiple voltages suitable to be used in various countries all over the world.

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